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How to get to Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound?

Wow, amazing view along the cruise. No word can explain the awesome view. Two hours just like a few minutes. Avery angle of ferry you can see the fascinate of view. If you touch down your feet in New Zealand I recommended you to take this Milford Sound Cruise. I am pretty sure you'll not regret.

Milford Sound
At the Milford Sound ferry terminal

How to take Milford Sound Cruise

To take this Milford Sound cruise you need to drive around 2 hours from Te Anau. During this route you will pass through the awesome mountain and forest view. However, the driving skill are requested as the route is up and down cross the mountain.

Before you heading to Milford Sound make sure your car fuel is full. This is because no petrol station along this route.

Milford Sound
Upper deck

To take this Milford Sound cruise you just need to pay NZD33.75 per person. For me this not too expensive as you will reward with awesome view. Like taking a flight, before boarding you are requested to check-in at least 20 minutes before departure time.

As the parking is quite far from the departure lobby, you need to walk around 10 minutes. So to ensure you are not miss at the back, please make sure you are arrive early.

During the cruise you are offered the free seat. You can seat either in the upper (or open deck) or lower deck. 

Milford Sound
Milford Sound

For you information, the fare of Milford Sound cruise are change over time depend on time and season. The price is cheapest in the early morning and getting expensive at the noon and evening. In this case, the price can reach up to NZD70++ per person. However, if you don't mind you can choose the ticket that offer together with meals.

Along the journey to the Milford Sound from the Te Anau you can visit other place such as:
1- Mirror lake
2- Knobs Flat
3- Eglinton Valley
4- Pop view
5- Monkey Creek
6- Homer Tunnel
7- The Chasm

If you wanna to visit all this mentioned location please make sure you spend at least one day here. 
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