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13D12N in New Zealand with NZD1743.25

Travel to New Zealand?

How much should I spend?

How much should you spend is depend on how long you stay and what activity you do. It is too difficult to determine how much should you spend. However, in order to help you to plan you own trip here is the basic cost for 11D10N in New Zealand (or 13D12N include depart and arrive in Malaysia). This cost is based on my own experience. 

1- Exchange rate 1NZD= RM3.00

Moeri Boulder

Cost for 11D10N in New Zealand

1- Campervan 

Rent for 11D10N = NZD917.80
Cost per person = NZD458.90

The cost includes:
i - Campervan 
ii- Insurance for campervan
iii- Wifi 1GB per day 
iv- GPS
v- "airport shuttle transfer"

2- Fuel

Total kilometer: 3120 km
Cost for 11D10N = NZD576
Cost per person = NZD288

Note: On the average, the fuel price is NZD2 per liter

3- Holiday Park and Motel/hotel

i- Backpacker hotel- NZD70
ii- Motutere Bay Holiday Park - NZD43 (power site)
iii- Camp Elsdon - NZD20 (Non-power site)
iv- Lake Brunner Country Motel & Holiday Park - NZD40 (Non-power site)
v- Lake Tekopa Motels & Holiday Park - NZD44 (Non-power site)
vi-  Wanaka Lakeview Holiday Park - NZD40 (Non-power site)
vii- Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Park - NZD36 (Non-power site)
viii- Possum Lodge & Holiday Park - NZD34 (Non-power site)
ix- Lake Waihola Holiday Park - NZD30 (Non-power site)
x-  Amber Kiwi Holiday Park & Motels - NZD42 (Non-power site)

Cost for 10N = NZD399
Cost per person = NZD199.50

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My route for 11D10N - 3120KM 

4- Ferry ticket from Wellington (North Island) to Pinton (south Island)

Price for two person + campervan = NZD261
Cost per person = NZD130.5

5- Food per person (Self cook)


1- This cost cover the raw material (e.g. chicken, fish, prawn)
2- If you check-in Holiday Parks, butane gas is no need. You can use the Holiday park kitchen. 

6. Travel Insurance per person (VIP Plan)


7- Flight ticket per person

i- Christchurch to Auckland + luggage (23kg x 1)= NZD84
ii- Kuala Lumpur - Auckland - Kuala Lumpur + luggage (20kg x 2) + meal (1x) = NZD395
Total per person = NZD479

8- Entrance fee per person

i- The Hobbiton Movie set = NZD79
ii- Milford Sound = NZD33.75
Total per person = NZD112.75

Total cost per person

Camper-van + fuel + Holiday park + food + Wellington to Picton ferry + flight ticket + Insurance + Entrance fee = NZD1743.25 or RM5229.75

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  1. hi, nak tanya.. mcm mana kadar semalam di Holiday Park? adakah mengikut kenderaan atau bilangan orang?

  2. When is the best time to tour NZ and when is the cheapest months to rent the campervan. I have been to NZ twice not confident enough to drive the campervan

    1. Cheapest months is during winter and for me the best time to travel is during spring and autumn


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